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Once again, our nation is rocked by a mass shooting on a college campus, this time in Oregon. According to survivors, the shooter asked those who were Christians to stand, then m...
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Jerusalem Snow

Ten inches of snow fell in Jerusalem overnight. I wakened about 4 am and looked out our hotel window to see snow resting on tree branches and stacked on our balcony railings. Jerus...
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Struck Down but not Destroyed

“Killing you’s too easy. We gonna carve up her face so she’s not so pretty no more…and cut out that one’s tongue so she can’t talk about Jesus.” These threats, co...
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Grace When Needed

Under a Death Sentence Many of us have become acquainted with Meriam Ibrahim through the news. Meriam, a lovely, 27-year old Sudanese woman, was sentenced to death by hanging becau...
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