Sometimes the world feels upside down – pandemics, politics, poverty, crime, and homelessness. But I believe God came to give us hope despite our circumstances.

No matter what you’re going through, there is a God who loves you and who uses others to come alongside you in hope. I’d like to be one of those as you:

  1. Discover God throughout your day, in what I call “God-moments.”
    Meeting God—in Grief
    Hey, Can You Help Me? (Practical Ways to Help Those In Need)
  2. Encourage your heart, soul and mind.
    After the Death of Your Loved One (Grief Cycle)
    But God (When Challenges Become too Much to Handle)
  3. Give you practical ideas and resources to help in your walk of faith.

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Studies show music can lift our spirits, enhance our relationships, reduce anxiety. It can also lead to violence. What does music do to/for you?

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What Difference does a God’s-Eye View Make?

How do you look at life? Do you think your perspective makes a difference in how you respond to life, people, challenges? I’ve expressed some thoughts in this post.

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What assurance when we know we will arrive “safely home” at the end of life’s journey. My friend Marilyn is there now.

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Resolutions? or Commitments


Have you had those “But God” moments when nothing makes sense, people you love are hurting, and you just turn to God for help?

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