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Spitting Bullets

I’d scheduled a DMV appointment to renew my drivers’ license for 9/18, one week prior to my birthday when my license would become invalid. Trying to prepare, I’d printed out the forms I needed, my appointment confirmation, etc. – but both Don and I have searched, without success, for the box with those papers in them. They were put in at the last minute and, despite all my best efforts to be organized with numbered moving boxes, these critical items fell through the cracks.

As Don and I went through boxes once again this morning, Paigey had an accident in the house, probably because I wasn’t picking up her signals and she doesn’t yet have a doggy door. (We cleaned up fine.)

Wifi wasn’t yet connected at the new house, so I couldn’t access the DMV website to prepare for my test tomorrow (I haven’t taken a written test in at least 12 years!). After Comcast’s tall, uncommunicative Edgar connected the Wifi this morning (yes!), Don and I couldn’t get the printer to work, so I still couldn’t print the forms I needed. I was spitting nails (oh, I know that’s a cliche, and I mean it). We still needed to head back to Soquel to take care of several items at the old house.

Then, as Don was bringing supplies in, Paigey snuck out the garage door.

Panic! Don immediately went outside to look while I searched for, but couldn’t find, my car keys in case we needed to drive around to find our little girl. Just as I was heading out I heard our neighbor Jan’s voice: “Here she is.” Paigey had gone into Jan’s garage where Jan and her Shepherd, Sophie, found Paige. What a relief!

Both tense, hubby and I got into the car with Paige and headed out. We did the errands and shopping and house-items we needed to complete, then went to a UPS store so I could print out forms for tomorrow. That had its own frustrations but I finally accomplished all I could and began to relax just a bit.

I have studying ahead tonight; I’m tired after a very unnerving day. So, my dear reader, I’m in need of your encouragement and prayers. If you think of me at 11 am California time Tuesday (or thereafter, I understand the DMV wait times are long even with appointments), I’d appreciate your prayers that I will concentrate, rely on God, and pass this test.

I’m so grateful God loves me (as does my hubby) even when I’m scattered, frustrated, needy.

“A friend loves at all times and a brother (or sister) is born for a time of adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)


  1. Marie Lore says:

    Oh,Carol! I’m so sorry for your difficult day! We all have them. In fact, I had a frustrating day today also. We’re both probably pushing ourselves a little too hard. Wishing you a different kind of day tomorrow and hoping it brings sunshine back into your life.
    Love and hugs to both of you!

    1. carolnl says:

      Oh Marie, what a sweet note from you. I’m sorry you also had a challenging day and trust tomorrow will bring sunshine back to both of us – and to my dear hubby as well!

  2. MarJean Peters says:

    Dearest Carol, I’m so sorry for all the frustrations and difficulties yesterday. Feels like the wind just gets knocked right out of us sometimes. I pray for you! Please, dear LORD, please fill Carol with Your peace–absolute trust. Please grace her to take deep breaths and let them out slowly to relinquish every tension, every tight muscle, every anxiety and just fall with abandonment into Your Everlasting arms. Please hold her close to Your great heart, clear her mind, and settle her nerves to be able to take this test without further anxiety. I know You are her Lord and Master in everything. Bless her for sharing her troubles and her heart with us and allowing us the honor of praying for her. Please let her feel Your overwhelming love, and if she can’t feel it, please fill her with extra faith today. Please strengthen her for all that remains to be done regarding their move. They are doing a very hard thing, but You are with them to strengthen them.
    Lots of love and continued prayers,

    1. carolnl says:

      Jeannie, you’re right – sometimes it does feel like we’re just knocked on our tushes. Thankfully, I was able to review tests and still get some sleep last night and passed the test this morning. I was less concerned about passing the test than about feeling so very frazzled and unable to concentrate. Thankyou for your wonderful and so appropriate prayer. I teared up when I read your request that I “fall with abandonment into Your everlasting arms.” Thank you! I love you.

  3. Thuan Vuong says:

    The governmental travails of having time pass (translation: getting older)! There you were sitting at the DMV office at the VERY SAME TIME (Tuesday 11am) I was in the Social Security office getting details straightened for my life. What fun, eh?
    Anyway, hope you are set to drive for many more years.

    1. carolnl says:

      Thuan, what a kick! I like the way you expressed the governmental travails of having time pass i.e. aging! Interesting to think we were both in process at the very same time this morning; and yes, I’m set to drive for more years. Hope you got everything squared away at SS. Happy upcoming birthday!

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