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2014 Christmas Past

cloud resizedWe are now in 2014 Christmas Past. I’ve taken a short break from my blog but am back. How’s your celebration been? Have you enjoyed time with family and friends? Spent time alone, whether lonely or simply alone?

We’ve had a full month. Since Don and I weren’t hosting any Christmas get-togethers at our house, we scheduled our hardwood floors to be sanded and refinished. That required our moving everything out of cupboards, drawers, off walls and floors. The floor men moved our large furniture but the small pieces took a lot more time. And since we couldn’t walk on the floor while the work was being done, we also had to move ourselves, our two dogs, and anything we would need for a week up to the guest house.

Being there was good. We realized a few things we hadn’t put in place for guests and have remedied those. We pulled the love seat out to face the TV and cuddled in front of the electric fireplace insert/heater Don bought, warming both our hearts and bodies. Then our granddaughter asked whether her best friend and baby could use the guest house the weekend we were celebrating with the Loewen clan. Don and I looked at each other. “And WHY did we decide to have this work done right now?” We had to say no and stay in the guest house for a few extra days ourselves.

But good times proliferated. Our Froese family Christmas was very early, December 6th, because Arn and Carol, my brother and sister-in-law from Kansas, were here then. Our niece Jennifer graduated from nursing school (yeah Jenn!). Then on the 21st, we had a lovely get-together with the Loewens at Dan’s (Don’s oldest son), after which our two youngest local grandsons spent two days with us. We played SkipBo in the cozy living room in the guest house and most of us won at least one game.

Best of all has been the focus on Christ’s coming to earth. He invaded our space; he entered our universe for the purpose of having a relationship with us. All glory to God, who has given us this unspeakable gift, the privilege of knowing Him, of receiving His love, forgiveness, and the promise of eternal life. He has also given us hope for life in this world. Life isn’t easy; but He has promised never to leave us nor forsake us.

In the coming year I’d like to focus on new ways to share God’s love and grace with others. I hope to listen more, to consider my words’ impact before speaking, and to find practical ways to help those around me. One day Jesus will reign and the world will be at peace because of the justice He brings. Meantime let’s work to be agents of that peace in our world today, whether that’s in helping the needy or staying away from unproductive arguments about politics.

These are my thoughts as we end this year. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking and dreaming of as you look ahead into 2015.

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