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“Be Still and Know that I am God”

Greatest guy in the world with whom to be still - or not ...

Greatest guy in the world with whom to be still – or not …


???????????????????????????????I saw him outside, his royal blue shirt a striking contrast to the white bench on which he sat.

“Can’t miss this moment,” I thought, as I quickly slipped into jeans and a t-shirt, then walked out to join my hubby.

The peace and silence surrounded us as Don put his arm around me.

“This is what I love. I’ve already counted about 60 cyclists going down the road.”

Below us lay the still-green natural grasses, our white fence, and the well-traveled two-lane road. Across the road, we saw a few homes tucked into the trees; then variegated greens, multi-shaped needles and leaves in the trees that climbed the mountainside. On the ground to our right was a small lizard, one Don has already learned to know. He says there are two who live there. We named this one Bud.

I looked at the enormous evergreen tree we pruned about a year ago. I saw flaws–beautiful flaws. One branch reaches out from the large trunk to curve upwards and parallel the trunk of the tree, shooting up through branches. What caused that branch to curve where it did, to reach up rather than out, to go against the norm and carve its own path?

Reminds me of people, of us. Some of us curve when the rest go straight. Some crisscross rather than paralleling those we love, and who love us. Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. But he understands that God has a purpose for his life and motivates thousands with his passion to encourage others to be all they can be. You can watch him at;_ylt=A2KIo9hNL3lTjgYA40f7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTByN2RnbHFoBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMw–?p=nick+vujicic&vid=611366f950b004299c1878c69fbb74e0&l=3%3A19&!&c=1&sigr=11au5opsf&sigt=127d5967g&pstcat=arts+culture+and+entertainment&age=0&&tt=b.

My nephew, Greg, was born with a disease that left him incapable of speech and unable to control muscles necessary to sit, stand, walk; yet his weak little laugh always reminded me of a pure, untarnished silver bell. While we grieved his inability to lead a ‘normal’ life, he also brought us joy. When Greg’s daddy walked in the door he knew; Greg knew his father’s voice and would coo and reach out. He was a beautiful, curved branch.

Sometimes it is only in silence that our hearts are hushed and peaceful before God. That’s why He encourages us to be still and know…HIM.

Psalm 19:1-4a reflect our need for, and value of, silence another way. THE MESSAGE says it like this:

“God’s glory is on tour in the skies,
God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.
Madame Day holds classes every morning,
Professor Night lectures each evening.

Their words aren’t heard,
their voices aren’t recorded,
But their silence fills the earth:
unspoken truth is spoken everywhere.”

That’s what Don and I experienced in that wonderful tranquil time together this morning. God’s glory, His craft on exhibit, filling the earth with unspoken truth about Him. Verse 7 in that same Psalm states “The revelation of God is whole and pulls our lives together.”

We left our bench feeling wholly loved and pulled together…because we took time to be still.

What helps you be still? Do you take time to be quiet and watch for, listen to God? Would you like to? Let’s dialogue.


  1. Katie says:

    “Be still and know I am God ”
    When I “go there”, He shows me the way.
    I am not worried about tomorrow, being thankful for today. Who know what tomorrow brings? Not me!

    1. Carol Loewen says:

      Thanks, Katie, for your comment. We can only trust God for tomorrow, can’t we. Sounds like you’ve learned that too.

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