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It’s a God Thing

Ahh, the sound of surf pounding the sand. Of children’s laughter floating up to our balcony. Of wind swaying the palm branches. The blues and greens of ocean and trees, shrubs and grass. “It’s a God-thing.”

View from our balcony

As I write I’m watching a bright yellow outrigger come up the beach. Delightful!

We arrived in Maui Thursday, fatigued from a wonderful earlier trip and the preparations for this one. Friday afternoon we napped until awakened by a very loud fire alarm! At first I thought it was only in our room (but no fire) but then looked out into the hallway to see lights flashing. Soon there came a’knocking, knocking at our door–and at everyone else’s.

“We’re evacuating the building. Please leave your room and go out to the beach.”

Gathering our passports and credit cards, we took the stairs down to ground level. As we walked toward the beach we saw water raining down from a third-story window. Evidently there was a fire in that room, and the sprinklers were doing their job.

“Why don’t we get a Coke at the Grill,” I suggested. Don agreed.

We found a table and sat. With the building evacuating, there were quite a few people there. Don said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could have another couple join us.” But we didn’t see that opportunity.

Within a few minutes another evacuated couple took the table next to ours and we began conversing – sports, what they’d done while here, etc. Then Don mentioned an old Giants pitcher who had been in Don’s Sunday school class and became lifelong friends of his. Conversation was interesting, and I noticed the woman’s cross pendant.

Randy and Jane

I leaned over.

“I’m going to be kind of forward here, but may we join you? We’ll all hear better.” (They had four chairs at their table, we had three.)

Jane and Randy invited us over. Almost immediately, Randy looked at Don.

“You mentioned Sunday school. Are you a Christian?”

“Oh yes!”

And off we went, sharing lives, challenges, joys and faith in Jesus Christ. What a gift, a God thing, as we visited for several hours until we were able to return to our rooms. Meeting and developing a friendship with this couple from Tennessee was a good gift from the Father.

Our waiter said he’d gone behind the restaurant and, when the firefighters opened the patio doors of the room, smoke just billowed out. I hate to think of what that couple or family found when they returned to their room–as well as the people in the two rooms below that were impacted by the fire sprinklers!

My point? In the midst of any and all circumstances, God is at work. He may be encouraging others–and they us–people we may never see again on earth but with whom we’ll share eternity! He may be showing kindness to stressed waiters, waitresses or others through us. He may be drawing someone to Himself through our love and words.

Saint Augustine said “Preach the gospel always; using words when necessary.”

I’m a wordy girl. I guess that’s why I write. And I am learning that words are not the only way to show God’s love, that the Holy Spirit is always at work and I need to trust Him and get on board with what He’s doing rather than ask Him to help me with what I’m doing!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

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