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No Dice

If I have to listen to this audio message one more time ...

If I have to listen to this audio message one more time …

Twelve days ago I phoned our cable service provider. Our grandsons were over and wanted to watch On Demand, which wasn’t working. During my first call the customer service rep walked me through some steps to reset the modem and said the reset would take hold in 30-45 minutes. Later that night I rechecked. No dice.

We repeated the process each of the next two days – still with no success. A manager was to call us back Saturday for escalated service. No call.

Last week I was too busy to call again, tired of getting their automated messages and of being given advice that didn’t work. Twelve days later, we still can’t get our On Demand service.

So tomorrow I’ll try again, asking God to control my temper while I go through the automated links once more.

What irritates you and makes you ask for help in your response?

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