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Raising the Walls

Once again our hearts are full. When we arrived at Rancho Santa Marta a week ago, (, we saw a cement pad where “Victor’s Casa Nueva” (Victor’s new house) would be. When we left Saturday morning, the interior and exterior walls were framed, and the men had started building and putting up roof trusses. The day I saw the walls framed and lying on the cement pad was a thrill. With my camera, I recorded our guys working together, standing in a line to raise that wall. Wow! Great picture of the Body of Christ and how He desires that we encourage, support and help each other to reach a common goal.


... Lift!


Team members stepped in as needed. No arguments about assignments, and lots of  help given as needed at any particular time, whether it was working with a nail gun, picking up more lumber, cooking a meal or doing KP afterward.




Many hands lift a heavy wall …


… And brace it.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. I Corinthians 10:31.




Some of the women (including me) also had fun working with resident children on crafts. They painted, glued and decorated popsicle stick frames, then we glued in their photos and added a ribbon as a hook. Coloring was also a focus; and one of the older “boys” (he’s about 30) spent a long time looking through pictures in a Spanish-English book, asking us to say the words in Spanish. I almost felt like I was the one in school!

Using creativity

Creativity in action


I’m so thankful for this wonderful ministry, the hearts and service of its leaders, and the children who are being loved and taught here. Pain is certainly present, with baggage from challenging backgrounds, and with occasional rebellion or departure from the ranch. But these kids live and grow in a family environment, learning about God’s great love for them, loving each other. And so there is hope. I can’t wait to return next year. Want to join us?


For more information about RSM’s ministry and needs, go to


May God guide us as we look for opportunities to serve Him this week, wherever we are.

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