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Starting Right

“Fwr Qwkk aiib.” Oops. My fingers betrayed me. Thinking I’d typed “Get well soon,” I looked up to see gibberish on the screen. The strokes were correct; but my fingers all started one key over.

Reminds me of a story a man told. He was invited to speak at his alma mater. Wanting to reflect well on the university and impact the students with a powerful message, he prepared carefully, rehearsing and editing his words to maximum effect. The night before his appointment, the man laid out his three-piece suit, shirt and tie, polished his shoes and ensured he had matching socks.

The next morning as he rose to speak, he noticed all eyes fixed on him. They must have heard about me already. They’re anticipating what I have to share. That’s terrific. 

As he spoke, the audience’s attention didn’t waver. Thanks, God. They’re really getting this!  Near the end of his talk, the speaker happened to look down … to see his vest askew. He’d buttoned the first button on the left side into the second buttonhole on the right. One end hung down; the other pushed up toward his neck. Chagrined, he bowed his head and hesitated.

Then, with purpose, he looked back up at the waiting crowd.

“If you remember nothing else from this talk, remember this. If you start wrong, you’ll end wrong.”carol face 4

So here I am, starting my blogging life. I don’t want to end wrong; so I want to begin right. I welcome feedback; let me know if I’ve started wrong, or if you have experiences to share.

Have you ever started wrong and thus, ended wrong?

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