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When Anxiety Invades

We knew there was an accident on the freeway. Highway 17 is a very curvy road over the mountain between San Jose and Santa Cruz. But the radio announcer had said it was about a five-minute wait through the accident area. We should still be on time for Don’s eye exam.

However, after we were in stop and go traffic for 20-25 minutes, we were routed off the freeway.

“Good,” I thought. “We’ll bypass the accident and get on the freeway on the other side.”

Meanwhile we called the optometrist and explained the situation. They would still see Don if we could be there within about 20 minutes of his appointment time.

Back on the freeway, I spoke into the phone.

“We’re back on the road. Should be there within 20 minutes.”

Suddenly Don said, “Get off here. We’re in Los Gatos.”

“What?” Los Gatos was on the way back home.

“We didn’t bypass and continue. They turned us around and we’re back on Highway 17, going home.”

Oh my. Once again we called the optometrist and explained we couldn’t get past the Summit, that we wouldn’t make the appointment. They were kind enough to reschedule Don for an appointment yesterday, Saturday.

We left home one and three quarter hours before his appointment time, for an hour’s drive. Traffic seemed to be moving well and I thought we’d even arrive early. Suddenly brake lights flashed red in front of us.

We never did learn the reason for the stop and go, but felt terrible knowing we had to call the doctor’s office AGAIN to say we would be late. Once again they agreed to see Don if we could get there within about 20 minutes of his appointment time.

Both of us were tense. I was driving, knowing his eyes would be dilated during his exam. All of a sudden I relaxed, knowing God was in control.

“Honey, it’s going to be ok. We may get there and we may not, but it will be all right.”

We got there 20 minutes late. Don had a bit of a wait but was able to have his eyes examined by a very gracious optometrist before we turned for home.

Maybe we need to find local doctors since we’ve moved away from Santa Cruz. But we do like our doctors over there.

The significant thing to me was the sudden reminder that God wasn’t surprised by our traffic challenges, and that we could trust Him whatever the outcome.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

I Peter 5:7

We face a lot of anxiety these days–traffic accidents, family challenges, fear of illness, loneliness and isolation, concerns about how school will start and when we can meet together in our churches, protests, riots, and political differences even with those we love dearly.

That’s a lot. But God is Our Father. He loves us unconditionally, without reservation, and He wants to bear our burdens.

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.

Psalm 94:19

What do you need to give Him today? Can I pray for you? I’d like to be an encourager in this time of new challenges.

Be blessed in the love of Our Father today!


  1. Jane Baker says:

    Glad you made the second appointment.
    Father, show Carol and Don what to do about their doctors, please.
    I’m co-writing a theological take on the pandemic and riots. You could pray we’ll hear God.

    1. carolnl says:

      Thank you for your comment Jane. And I would like to read your paper on the pandemic and riots. Yes, may you (and all of us who are Christ followers) hear His voice amid the turmoil. Blessings!

  2. Katie phillips says:

    Thanks Carol, good timely piece. I do not get anxious easily, but these last days, can not believe we are now into August and no end in sight for all of our disruptions. I feel bad my grandchildren will not get to attend school, in person along with so many across the nation.
    This is a time to be flexible and continue to trust God with our every breath. Thank you Carol, Hope is alive! Katie

    1. carolnl says:

      Katie, thanks so much for your comment. I know, it’s a difficult time and our only confidence is in God. I pray for your children and grandchildren as another school year starts with all that means with homeschooling, online learning, and the need for flexibility. It feels like we’ve been here a very long time doesn’t it. But in Christ, we do have hope and it’s still alive! Blessings!

  3. Karen O'Connor says:

    Thanks, Carol. I love the two verses you included. They sustain me. You are on my weekly prayer list for your needs and I’d love knowing that I am on yours. No special requests, just continued grace. Love to you and Don.

    1. carolnl says:

      Thank you Karen. I love knowing you are praying for me/us weekly and I’ve just put you on our weekly prayer list as well. We both love you!

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